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Surveillance Cameras

Safety of your child is our top priority. We at Happy Jump Nurseries are fully covered under the surveillance of cameras which are constantly under adult supervision by the administration staff. Parents can check the child directly through the cameras.

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HappyJump Uniform

Our Nursery uniform is comfortable and appropriate for the kids learning in the local climate and context. Uniforms are available for purchase from every branch of Happy Jump Nursery.

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Memorization Quran

Highly qualified professional teacher are available in every branch of Al Dana Nursery. We make sure that your child has a knowledge of Holy Quran. We at Happy Jump Nurseries educate kids with tips and rules, amazing and eye opening Quranic stories with explanations & understanding.

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Special Needs Students

We at Happy Jump Nursery provide special care to the children with special needs when they enter our nursery. We have highly trained and a team of professional teachers to take care of your child. Happy Jump Nursery is the best is the best fit for your kids need.

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Our Mission

for Early Learning & Development

Our aim at Happy Jump Nurseries is to make the early years of your child’s life as enjoyable, rewarding and positive as possible. We believe that children should have fun at nursery and actively promote learning through play.
Our objective is to help children achieve their full potential. We provide an environment rich in active learning opportunities, supported by a qualified team trained to enhance the learning of your child.
All activities are planned to meet each child’s individual needs, within the standards set by the Early Years Foundation Stage. This approach will help your child to develop to the best of their ability.

Why Us!

Happy Jump Nursery is a place where every child gets a life enriching experience and an environment where they “Grow with love”
We focus on your child’s learning and development needs where each child’s learning needs are individually looked after by an expert team of early childhood experienced staff who have a great commutative experience in the field of Early Education.
The nursery is highly reputed for it warm, friendly and qualified staff, excellent facilities, neat, safe and secure environment
Happy Jump is a well trusted learning centre of excellence for early childhood Education.


We at Happy Jump Nurseries has developed a special curriculum specially for kids . We have created a curriculum which wil help the kids to have knowledge in every field which includes the following :
marine life, insects, animals, transportations, professions. Human body, vegetables, fruits and birds.
Happy jump nursery is a full equipped nursery for your children. The environment we offer our little angels is full of fun learning with pictures , videos and real life experiences.

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